If you pay for your rental with a valid credit card and are an Australian citizen and you meet the Identification requirements, you pick up in person and the rental equipment value is under $8,000.00, then usually nil bond is required. If equipment value is $8,000.00 to $14,000.00 the bond will be $2,000.00, if the equipment value if $14,001.00 to $20,000.00 the bond will be $3,500.00.

Additional bonds may apply if the rental manager has completed a risk assessment of hirer/user experience level, the environment in which the equipment will be used and it is deemed the equipment may be at risk of suffering from misuse damage, water damage, dusk & dirt intrusion or accelerated wear (other than normal wear) or at higher risk of being transported by courier (including uber type couriers) that has been organised by the customer. These bonds can range from $100 to 100% of the equipment value but are generally in line with the table below.

If you are not an Australian citizen/resident then we will most likely require a refundable bond (credit card only). The bond required will be different depending on how much equipment you wish to rent.
NOTE: Bond is only refundable if the equipment is returned on time in the same condition as hired, otherwise part or all the bond will be forfeited.

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Equipment Value

Less than $500, $500-$1000, $1,001 – $1,500, $1,501 – $2,000, $2,001 – $3,000, $3,001 – $4,000, $4,001 – $6,000, $6,001 – $8,000, greater than $8,000