Black Dog Camera Hire - Woolloogabba Brisbane

BDCH has starter cameras to pro cinema cameras and lenses. Customers choose Black Dog Camera Hire because of consistency of meeting equipment needs, customer service and ease of location for pick up and drop off.

Who is Black Dog?

Black Dog – is for our in-office dog “Kirra” (who comes in on Saturdays), but it is also a referance to Winston Churchill’s ‘Black Dog’ analogy. We understand how photography, video projects and pets can be essential for ones well-being.


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We are a proud LGBTIQ safe and friendly workplace and support and advertise with qnews.com.au an important voice in the LGBTIQ Brisbane Community. We are also supporters of Diverse Voices councilling and support services here in Queensland for LGBTIQ+ folk.

We are proud members of Brisbane’s Pride Business Network (PBN) and you can enquire HERE about PBN membership.

Why rent from us?

Customers choose Black Dog Camera Hire for our advise, conversations about new ideas, options of production methods with our range of equipment availability, quality of equipment and a seamless process for clients but most of all, customers choose Black Dog Camera Hire because of consistency of meeting equipment requirements, customer service and ease of location for pick up and drop off.

Our Vision

Our vision is to continue to collaborate with and support new Film and TV graduates, independent photographers and film makers who have a passion for production like we do, to deliver time saving, media savvy and innovative equipment for their clients productions.

Kirra Black Dog

Nam Co-Owner - Tech Support

A little bit about Jason

Jason started in Radio in 1989, first off at a regional station then in Brisbane and quickly went from marketing to Agency Sales, Jason then moved onto GMAC (General Motors Acceptance Corporation) after graduating as a Private Investigator in 1994, then freelancing since 2001 as an Investigator and a skilled camera operator, then in 2014 joining with Nam as co-owner and Black Dog’s Managing Partner.

Meet Nam, Co-owner & Tech Support

Nam went to Uni for Computer Animation, Film and TV and started freelancing in 2003, before opening Burning Image in 2008. Nam has turned his hand to most production methods and is skilled at adapting to shoot environments and equipment types and is Black Dog’s Tech Support go to person.

What can we do for you ?

Are you looking for professional, capable and state of art production equipment for your media needs? Look no further. At Black Dog Camera Hire we are proud to say that we are one of Brisbane’s only suppliers of high end production rentals.

Yes, the rental gear is automatically insured within your rental fee.

In the event of an insurance claim made to our insurer in relation to equipment rented out; The renter is liable for the first $750.00 of any damage or loss and is payable to Black Dog Camera Hire by the renter/hirer upon the scheduled return or upon early return.

In the event of damage or loss the renter/hirer agrees to pay the applicable amount and complete all paperwork required by our insurer for any insurance claim. Our insurance coverage with our Insurer is Australia Wide. In the event of damage, the renter/hirer must return the equipment no matter the condition, so it can be identified by serial number (if applicable / able). In the event of theft or loss of any equipment the renter/hirer must report the matter to the police and obtain a report number

Black Dog Camera Hire’s insurers do not provide cover outside of Australia, The renter agrees the renter has the option to take out separate insurance coverage for overseas coverage with the renters own insurer, however any loss or damager must be paid in full by the renter at the end of the hire period and the renter will be responsible for making their own claim with their own insurer in this event. You agree you will complete insurance claim paperwork if/when directed in a timely manner and cooperate with us and our insurer with regards any insurance claim and in the event of a completed insurance settlement, you will be liable for the excess of $750.00, otherwise you will be liable for the full repair / replacement costs.

The renter agrees, nil cover at all is offered outside Australia and the renter must provide separate Travel Insurance coverage and maintain the coverage and provide documentation to Black Dog Camera Hire.

Honesty and trust between Black Dog Camera Hire and it’s clients and is why clients return month after month and year after year. Our clients know we will always be honest about our equipment capabilities and availability, not-with-standing unforeseen delays  or out of stock because of breakages and late customer returns. However in the unfortunate event availability is effected we will always endeavour to upgrade your equipment booked at no extra change.

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