Black Magic Pocket 6K Pro Bundle


$270 1 day | $70 extra day | $340 W/end* | $620  7 days

Black Magic Pocket Pro Bundle 

-Black Magic Pocket Camera 6K Pro
-Smallrig cage
-1TB Samsung SSD up to 1050mb/s and smallrig holder (attaches to the cage)
-AC power cable/adapter for camera
-4 NF batteries and charger

The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro is an advanced technology, handheld 6K digital film camera with 6144 x 3456 Super 35 high resolution HDR sensor, dual native ISO, EF lens mount and direct recording to USB‑C disks! This powerful model adds an adjustable HDR touchscreen, built in ND filters, and a larger battery for longer run time

1st Day: $270.00

Pocket Cinema Cameras have everything you need for feature film, television programing and documentaries, however now these same features can also be used to revolutionize other types of work such as blog videos, YouTube content and more. You get the same features found on expensive digital film cameras, allowing capture of deeper colors, higher image detail and a wider dynamic range between the brightest highlights and deepest shadows. It’s the key reason why feature films look so amazing and now you can get these same high end production values for any kind of work. Imagine getting film quality on independent film, music videos, weddings, corporate videos, documentaries and more!

All of the recording functions of the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro are included. Sensors, dynamic range, buttons, and connectors are all included. It also has a number of new features. A 5′′ tilting touchscreen, built-in ND filters, and dual mini-XLR inputs are among the features. A precise timecode clock, an NP-F570 L-series battery slot, and updated Gen 5 colour science are also included. Finally, a Pro EVF is available as an option.

The 6K Pro records 6144 x 3456 video at up to 50 frames per second. It also has a working Canon EF mount. This allows users to make use of the wide range of EF and EF-S mount lenses available. The EF mount uses electroni to support iris, autofocus, and zoom functionalities.

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