Smallrig VB99 V-Lock Battery & Camera Mount Kit

$50 1 day | $15 extra day | $65 W/end* | $125 7 days
*weekend is from 12 noon on Friday to 12 noon the following Monday


1x Smallrig VB99 V-Lock Battery

Smallrig V-Lock Camera Plate 4064

D-Tap Power Cable for either USB-C power capable cameras (Sony A7S III) or 2 Pin Lemo (Blackmagic Pocket 4k & 6k, 6k Pro Cameras)

USB-C Charger

1st Day: $50.00

 SmallRig’s VB99 Mini V-Mount Battery is a 99Wh battery that is incredibly small and light. It can support up to a 14A draw at a nominal 14.8V. 

For powering various accessories, cameras, or mobile devices, the VB99 offers many accessory connectors, including one 14.8V D-Tap output, one 8 VDC barrel output, one 12 VDC barrel output, one USB Type-C output, and one USB Type-A output. A conventional V-mount charger, an optional D-Tap charger, or a USB Type-C input/output with a 65W PD fast charger are all options for charging the battery. The status and remaining battery capacity are displayed on an integrated OLED screen.